Remarkable Women in Fair Trade #4

The last piece in our jigsaw.  Here are insights from 4 more remarkable women in fair trade from around the world: Aderina, Ana, Antonia and Sagrario.

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Remarkable Women in Fair Trade # 3

Mitra Bali has been participating actively in Bali’s economic development since 1993.  One of Bali’s great sources of potential is the skill of its craftsmen and women.  All too often, however, the craft producers are exploited by middlemen and have no idea where their products have been sold or at what price.

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Remarkable Women in Fair Trade 2023 # 2

The Undugu Society of Kenya was established in 1973 by the late Father Arnold Gol to assist children living and working on the streets of Nairobi.  These days it focuses on Rescue, Rehabilitation and Re-Integration of children and youth as well as the socio-economic empowerment of poor communities throughout the country.

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Remarkable Women in Fair Trade 2023 #1

Creative Handicrafts, Mumbai, India, began in 1984: the inspiration of Sister Isabel Martin who started the work with just 2 women.   Since then it has evolved into a Fair Trade Organisation, independent, non-religious, non-profit, cooperative, aiming to change the world one woman at a time.

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